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When my grandmother was a young girl, she spent much of her time in her grandmother's house. On the first floor of the building was a carpenter's shop. One day, a fierce fire erupted in the store and the carpenter ran out screaming into the street, engulfed in flames. When the neighbors saw this, they quickly threw carpets out of their windows to smother the flames and save the man from certain death.

At the time, the carpenter had a beloved fiance and their love was renowned in the neighborhood. Everyone envied their relationship. When the carpenter's entire body, including his face, was burned, people wondered if his fiance would leave him. After all, she was a young and beautiful woman. To their surprise, she remained by his side. 


An old woman in the neighborhood heard of this and summoned the carpenter to her house. She gave him her homemade enchanted cream that she said to be a cure for burns. In less than a year, all of the carpenter's burn marks had vanished and his face had returned to normal. No one could believe it. It was a miracle, and a lesson that even in the darkest of times, true love and hope can prevail.

The old lady never revealed the recipe for her cream, and it remained a secret passed down through her ancestors. Over the years, my grandmother became very close to the old lady. They shared a special bond. Because the old lady had no children of her own, she decided to pass the recipe onto my grandmother. 


Ever since I was born, a tub of creamy goodness has been a staple in our household and it is faithfully replenished every year. When I turned 18, my grandmother taught me the recipe and the special instructions. Now we make it together every New Year.    

I have seen countless people be healed with the cream as my grandmother has always given it to those in need. Two safety guards in our house complex recently suffered from burns in the garage, and my mother supplied them with the cream. One of them accepted it and saw his wounds heal in a few months, while the other refused it, resulting in his scars remaining. I also had a friend in high school who had an accident with a motorcycle and was left with burns all over his body. I gave him the cream and, in no time, his scars had vanished. Out of many, these are just some of the examples I have witnessed.


Later, my mother, a skincare enthusiast, began to add cosmetic products to the cream for her own use. After I studied aromatherapy, I added essential and herbal oils to the formula, improving it even more. Both me and my mother loved this latest version of the cream, and only shared it with our closest friends. It was for our personal use only.

After a chemist friend of my mother's had a burning incident in Switzerland, my mother sent her the cream. After she used it, her scars were gone, and even her doctor asked her what she did. When she visited us in Turkey, she recounted this story and suggested that we should make it available to the masses and offered to help us with the formulations. Taking her advice, we decided to use the cream as the basis for a line of natural skin care products that really worked.